Galen College of Nursing

Galen College of Nursing is a renowned institution of higher learning with campuses in various cities across the US. These include Louisville, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and San Antonio. Students can enrol at any one of these colleges and study to become a nurse.

The National League for Nursing is an institution that provides information, support and advice to nurses, nursing students and even people interested in the nursing profession. This organization can provide useful guidance and info to students.

One of the best ways to start a nursing career is to start by understanding what is nursing. This question can easily be answered by contacting the National League for Nursing or even the Galen College of Nursing. Here, a student will receive adequate assistance.

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Mount Carmel College Of Nursing

Mount Carmel College of Nursing was founded in the year1903 by the worshipers of the Sister of the Holy Cross. This college was established to assist students achieve their career dreams in health care. For over a century, the college has awarded thousands of diplomas in nursing to its successful graduates; nonetheless, it runs a fully accredited program in Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN).

In the recent past, Mount Carmel College of Nursing introduced a Master of Science program. This has propelled the college to greater heights of being recognized among the leading baccalaureate nursing programs’ granter in Ohio. Nonetheless, it offers a nine-month certification internship program in Dietetics.

The college is founded by Judeo-Christian values and emphasizes in diversity of its students. With guaranteed personal attention, the college has seen ever growing students’ enrollment and has proven to have outstanding student retention and commendable rates of graduations. The College offers exceptional nursing degrees and has a superb learning environment.

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Trinity College of Nursing

The Trinity College of Nursing has a reputable history of more than 100 years in the Quad cities. The nursing colleges were first established as four separate units called the St. Anthony’s Hospital School of nursing (1899), The Moline Public Hospital of Nursing in 1898, The United Medical Center School for Nurses (1989) and the Lutheran Hospital School for Nurses (1916). As time passed by, these individual colleges started to expand slowly and eventually, city authorities decided to fuse the programs together to create the single Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences.


What is nursing: Nursing Programs and Nursing Degrees Offered at Trinity College of Nursing?

At present, the Trinity College of Nursing offers Bachelors of Science in Nursing or a BSN and an Associate of Science in Nursing. These degrees and the college have been approved by the Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Illinois State Board and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Students who opt for the two year associate of science degree can complete the course and acquire an RN degree.

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Lakeview College of Nursing

Lakeview College of Nursing in Danville, Illinois has been around for over a hundred years and has gained quite a reputation to it over the years. The college offers accredited nursing degrees to students from all walks of life with excellence in mind. The demand for nurses is rapidly growing and there’s an endless list of nursing jobs available for those with the right qualifications.

All the nursing programs offered at Lakeview nursing college are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC). Some of these programs include Nursing Doctorate, Baccalaureate, Associate, Clinical Doctorate, Practical Nursing and Diploma among others. These are the exact sort of programs anyone needs to get their nursing careers on the road.

So what are the prerequisites for nursing at Lakeview College of Nursing? While a good high school education is of paramount importance when applying as a student at this college, one does need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. Nursing can be a very demanding course and can overwhelm a student if they are not well prepared.

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Research College of Nursing

Research College of Nursing is secular, private and an entirely accredited institution located in the metropolitan area of greater Kansas City. The college offers two-post master’s certification and three graduate tracks. It also offers Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in partnership with the Rock Hurst University.


Founded in 1983, The National League for Nursing, headquarters in New York was the first nursing organization that was formed, as the American Society of Superintendents of training Schools for Nurses.
Leaders and nurse facility in nursing education favor this membership organization. The organization includes education agencies, nurse educators, healthcare agencies and interested public members. It offers networking prospects, faculty development programs, nursing research grants, assessments and testing and public policy enterprises to its 1200 organizational members and 33000 individuals.

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Royal College of Nursing

The Royal College of Nursing is a UK association that represents nurses and their interests. This organization also represents nursing, the nursing profession, practices and everything that pertains to nursing within the UK.


The Royal College of Nursing provides nurses with the information they need as well as the resources they require in order to transact and practice their nursing profession within the UK.


Members who wish to participate in the National League for Nursing need to first pursue a course in nursing. The national league for nursing basically promotes excellence in nursing education. This leads to an empowered and diverse nursing workforce.

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University Of Arizona College Of Nursing

University of Arizona College of Nursing is an established institution which offers world class nursing programs for people who are interested in nursing. In order to become a nurse, you must first complete an associate program which can be done at a vocational school or college, or complete Nursing Certifications.

At university of Arizona, you would be expected to complete a four year course in order to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nurses who get a bachelor’s degree have a better chance of being promoted to management positions.

At University of Arizona College of Nursing you can complete the program and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The next step would be to start working as a nurse. Prerequisites for Nursing are quite exhaustive; you need to have a 3.0 GPA or a GED score of at least 500 and 1040 on SATs or a 22ACT score. These are the requirements for admission into a nursing program. If you are a transfer student, then your GPA needs to be 3.50 minimum.

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University Of Colorado College Of Nursing

University of Colorado College of Nursing offers Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctoral programs. Prospect students can join their professional yet friendly community. Their credible faculty, modern facilities, and innovative curriculum empower the students to achieve their dreams in nursing profession.


National League For Nursing

NLN is an organization dedicated for nurse teachers, health care agencies, education agencies, and interested public, who are interested in nursing and care professions.
They offer nursing research grants, faculty development programs, testing and assessment, public policy initiatives, and networking opportunities, to more than 1000 institutional members and over 30,000 individuals.

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University of South Alabama College of Nursing

University of South Alabama College of Nursing is known as an institution for educational excellence. With the increasing demand for workforce, more people are considering medical courses as their future occupation. This school is welcoming students who are potentially seeking for competitive learning and training that is meeting the standards for nursing education.


Having the many possibilities for employment, organizations such as the National League for Nursing is aiming to regulate the performance of leaders in the field. It is essential for these associations to maintain the integrity of nursing educators for the reason that education is not meant to be compromised. Furthermore, the school mentioned above is keeping up with the standards of the national league.


Some people may be wondering on what is nursing. To answer that query, it is a profession that deals with patient care which is geared towards promote curative and preventive interventions. Nurses exhibit professionalism while having the virtues that are very beneficial for patient care such as empathy, patience, industry, understanding and truthfulness.

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St Elizabeth College Of Nursing

The St Elizabeth College of Nursing was established to provide candidates with a three-year diploma in nursing in the year 1904. Originally, the college was attached to the St Elizabeth Medical Center and nurses from the college were automatically absorbed into the hospital. Over time, the hospital and the nursing college started developing many more nursing programs for student. In the year 2004, the college celebrated 100 years of existence and more than 4000 alumni from all over the world attended the event. The college is considered to be one of the best nursing colleges in NY and admission protocols can be tough.


What is Nursing : A Little History

If you are interested in the nursing profession and are actively considering the St Elizabeth College of Nursing for the course, you should know a little bit about the profession. The nursing profession was established during the Crimean War when English nurse Florence Nightingale single-handedly laid down the guidelines for the modern day career with her book Notes on Nursing. As time passed, the career and its responsibilities evolved and now, it is considered on par with a doctor. Nurses study for a minimum of five year years at nursing colleges.

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